Every Other Day Is Halloween!

Counts! Clowns! Captains!

count_21Director C.W. Prather’s comedic documentary chronicles the career and legacy of Dick Dyszel, whose television alter-egos, “Count Gore De Vol,” “Captain 20” and “Bozo the Clown” helped raise generations of Washingtonians in the 1970s and 1980s (almost a half-million “Channel 20 Club Cards” were distributed during this time). More relevant now than ever, however, it was in the 1990s that Dick helped revolutionized the concept of entertainment-on-demand when he launched the first-ever streaming horror host show, “Creature Feature: The Weekly Web Program” – predating by years “Hulu,” “YouTube,” and the “iPod” – which opened him up to the world. Featuring rare one-of-a-kind footage, as well as interviews with Dick Dyszel, critic Arch Campbell, writer Steve Niles, filmmaker Jeff Krulik, “scream-queens” Eleanor Herman and Leanna Chamish, as well as members of a new generation of television “horror hosts” including John Dimes (“Dr. Sarcofiguy”) and Jerry Moore II (“Karlos Borloff”), this doc’s universal appeal goes beyond the Beltway to show the impact of how art can sometimes come back to re-influence itself, and how the best days will always be ahead. 


One Response to “Every Other Day Is Halloween!”

  1. becca Hooten Says:

    I’m trying to find the title of a spooky movie I watched as a child. All I can remember about the film is that it has a lady in a hip lenghth leopard print coat with a black fur lined hat. I think she had a British accent. She was part of a group of people who showed up individually to stay at a particular house. The house had a history of a woman having hung herself out of one of the windows of the house. At night when it is time for everyone to go to sleep you see images of the wallpaper pulsating and you hear the sound of a baby crying and a heart beating. One of the girls of the group goes to another girls room, knocks on the door and asks if she hears the heart beat and baby crying sound. At some point in the movie a man is watching a harp which begins to play by itself. And he makes a calm comment about it. I think also there is a black spiral staircase in the movie in which one of the men of the group starts to play on it and it almost falls. I think it is possible the spiral staircase incident may be from another movie but I don’t know as I was quite young.

    Another clip I am interested in was one about a man whose dog goes a wandering and the man goes out hunting for the dog because he hears him crying. He finds the dog has fallen into a hole where smoke and a groaning noise is coming out of the hole. The man get the men of the town to lower him on a rope into the hole so he can retrieve the dog. The men hear the man scream and pull him up. When they pull him up the mans eyes are all white and he runs off into the distance screaming. This was a short clip shown in adjacent to another movie at a drive-in theater in little rock Arkansas around the 60’s or early 70’s Do you think your group of people participating in the festival might have an idea of the movie. I know it isn’t much to go by. I have been trying for years to find out the names of these 2 film bits but no one knows the names and I was too young to know any of the actors. They are delightfully spooky. Please ask your spooky films comrades if they can remember the name of this one. I would be most Thankful for your help.

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