“A nostalgic and witty movie…!”

Matthew Langley weblog wrote:

C.W. Prather has put together a great documentary on Washington DC living legend Dick Dsyzel. Every Other Day Is Halloween is a documentary of TV horror movie host, Count Gore De Vol (or Count Gore for short). Count Gore hosted Creature Feature here from 1973 to 1987. For those of you not in the know, “horror hosts” were usually regional personalities when local TV stations provided regional content instead of being outlets for national networks. Channel 20 was particularly good at this as both Count Gore and Petey Greene were both huge presences in the culture of DC in the seventies (side note: you might remember the Petey Greene bio pic with Don Cheadle).

While not every community had a horror host, in Every Other Day Is Halloween, Prather has made a nostalgic and witty movie that makes you wish you had a Gore De Vol for your own. In fact you do, you just don’t know it. Yet. Take a look here for proof. One thing you might find interesting was that Count Gore was not the only role Dsyzel had – at the time he was also Bozo the Clown and Captain Twenty for the afternoon kids oriented programing.

Back the the main story… I’ll admit I’m biased as my friendship with the film maker is over 15 years old however don’t just take my word for it, Every Other Day is Halloweenhas just been accepted to the Comic-Con Film Festival in San Diego, and will soon have another viewing at the AFI in the fall.

C.W. Prather is also the Director of the internationally acclaimed Spooky Movie Film Festival


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