“It is about 3 am and I am still awake…”

Sean Kotz is a documentary filmmaker currently finishing his documentary on Virginia based television horror hosts, Virginia Creepers:

I was at the premiere of EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN tonight and I found my anticipation rewarded … greatly rewarded. Nicely cut and very well researched. 

A film like this could easily slip into stumbling disarray, blind hero worship, or solipsism. The fact that it does not . . . and that it is very conscious of the legacy factor of Dyszel’s influence on other hosts and DC aboriginals . . . is a mark of genuinely invested filmmaking.

I think the first question in the Q&A said a lot . . . “when will it be on DVD?” People were asking it before they had seen the movie, of course; but they did not HAVE to ask it afterward.

It is about 3 am and I am still awake, and I think it is because I got a nice, sweet blast out of the movie.


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