Quotes! Quotes! AND MORE QUOTES!

“Ghoulish Film Fun!” —The Washington Post

“WONDERFUL! The film is beautifully directed … Pick it up immediately. I’m going to go watch it again!” – Justin Bozung, Mondo Film & Video Guide

“Brilliant!” —Sci-Fi Channel UK

“A great documentary as its appeal goes much further than just the nostalgia … this is also film about being fully committed to and exploring one’s deepest passions no matter what … Dyszel’s story is a very inspiring one and it’s great that Prather has been able to so successfully bring it to a wide audience outside of Washington … One of the BEST OF 2009!” —BadLit.com

“Explore the fun times of a bygone era while proving that even when we’re reminiscing about the good old days, the best times are often yet to come.” —Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

“Documentaries can be a dry lot to deal with, especially on a subject you might not be familiar with. “Every Other Day” does not suffer from this problem … even if you’ve never heard of Count Gore De Vol, this is a worthy watch simply to see inside an important part of horror history … a great documentary here folks. Watch it, you’ll love it.” – Cinema Fromage

“It really made me wish I could of grown up watching Count Gore De Vol … a very cool documentary!” TSA Webzine

“This documentary beautifully captures the triumphs and tragedies of Washington, DC’s pioneering television host, Dick Dyszel…though passionate about his work, his playful and often irreverent attitude captured on-set is what still resonates … even if you’ve never seen the man, this is a great opportunity to see the behind the scenes aspects of creating yourself into the ultimate horror host.” – Bloody Good Horror

“THREE THUMBS UP!” – Dr. Destruction, ‘Dr. Destruction’s CRIMSON THEATRE

“Smart editing…fast paced…the documentary packs a lot of history in its 90 minutes.” – HorrorTalk

“Three out of four stars! A remarkably amusing documentary with a great spirit!” – Cinema Crazed

“An incredibly well made documentary about an incredible man … one of the more interesting and engaging horror related documentaries I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and check it out!” – Freddy In Space

“If you’re remotely a fan of Horror Hosts, or even just local television of years gone by, you *need* to get a copy of this DVD! Plus, I’m on the cover, and I’m just sexy like that!” – The Bone Jangler

“Journey back to the crazy days of local television genre hosts – from kiddie to horror programming!” – FRED Weekend Shopping Guide Best Bet

“A fun, nostalgic look back at the local horror host and his impact on countless other entertainers. If you enjoy documentaries or cheesy horror definitely pick this release up, it is a lot of fun.” – Video Vault

“A loving ode/tribute to a count, clown and captain all portrayed by Dick Dyszel. The documentary captures a nostalgia factor to a time when television programs were creative well being very silly.” – The Horror Review

“A warm-hearted look at a man whose passion for performing has kept him going for close to four decades … this DVD is a real treat for fans of horror hosts and definitely worth owning.” – Dr. Gangrene’s CREATURE FEATURE

“The film has heart and shows that some good guys finish first … I HIGHLY recommend this film!” – Late Night at the Horror Hotel

“Watching this documentary was a full throttle retro rocket blast back to the golden days of being a kid …highly recommended … ten out of ten retro neck bites!” – Gene Crowell, Smash or Trash Indie Filmmaking


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